TELEPHONIC CONSULTATION Call us and a technician will assess your requirements. If it cannot be done telephonically, we will either logon via remote access (Teamviewer) or come to your premises.

FAX TO EMAIL Receive your own unique 086 fax number and receive faxes directly to your PC via e-mail. No fax line required.


PRINTER & COMPUTER REPAIRS We will collect and deliver it back to you taking away the inconvenience and saving you time. We can repair and re-supply all brands: HP, Samsung, Epson, Canon, Sony, Gigabyte and Acer to name a few.


INSTALLING SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE We install and deliver hardware or software to your home or business and give you sound guidelines on the use thereof.


GETTING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET Getting connected means you can turn your computer into a powerful tool for research, communications, and sharing.  If you have kids, the internet is a great place for them to do research for projects and homework as well as chat with friends. Connecting to the internet is easy, and as your service provider we will do most of the technical work for you.


NEW COMPUTERS & UPGRADES Being registered with a number of distributors, we are set up to provide cutting edge hardware and installations thereof.  We can supply from basic office machines to high-powered, high performance gaming rigs as well as complete business servers and workstation installations. We offer upgrades to compatible hardware in various ranges, be they graphics, sound, speed or memory. Upgrades are dependent on existing set-ups, however we can advise on the most economical upgrades possible.


NETWORKS WIRED/WIRELESS SETUP Our Geeks are geared up to install and supply you with a wired or wireless network solution offering various speeds. Our networks can be customized and configured to comply and work in conjunction with the different industry standards of internet connections available in South Africa, (eg.) 3G, ADSL, LTE, Rain LTE-A and FIBRE connections. We supply a wide range of routers, modems, wireless access points and connectivity dongles. Both cabled and Wi-Fi solutions available. The more popular brand names that can be supplied include but are not limited to Unify, Netgear, Linksys, Edimax and D-Link.

ASSISTING WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY Our Geeks offer an insight into many forms of modern information technology. Whether it is business, personal or entertainment related, mobile or desktop.

VIRUS & SPY-WARE REMOVAL With the high risk of downloading viruses through the internet, we suggest installing a virus protection program which will protect you from malicious spy-ware and viruses, ask us about affordable and effective protection. 


DOMAINS, EMAILS, WEB HOSTING, BULK EMAILS & SMS’S We offer varied sizes in a domain, email and web-hosting services to meet the needs of your home or business even if those needs are for high volume, bandwidth-intensive applications. If you need to send out regular mass communications we have a bulk email and SMS system to cater for your requirements.


PRINTING SOLUTIONS Geeks On Call have aligned ourselves with the market leaders in printing solutions designed to reduce your monthly printing costs and increase your service levels.


TELECOMMUNICATIONS We offer an extensive range of traditional and hosted PABX Systems and offer the lowest available rates on VoIP through our numerous network providers nationwide.


SERVER SETUP AND MAINTENANCE We offer all types of servers to suit all your business needs. Each server is set up to cater to all your requirements. We also provide hosting and support for virtualized systems such as VMware and HyperV.


EMAIL HOSTING We also offer full office 365 hosted email accounts with complete migration from old systems as well as management and maintenance thereof.


SQL SERVER SETUP AND MANAGEMENT We offer all type of SQL servers to cater to all your database needs.


ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE We have vast experiencing in setting up accounting packages such as Pastel and Quickbooks etc.


MANAGING NETWORK SECURITY Managing network security today is important. This encompasses antivirus, wireless and wired network security as well as internet security including customized firewalls and logins procedures as well as servers to control authentication and document access.


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